Disabled passengers

Disabled passengers travel with us for free if they have a disabled person’s pass with a valid stamp. If you require a chaperone or a service dog, they also travel with us free of charge. However, the need for this support must be identified by a ‘B’ marked on your disabled person’s pass.

Travelling with luggage, a wheelchair or other orthopaedic aids is also free for disabled passengers. We have reserved the multi-purpose carriage for you for this reason. Please however be aware that our carriages are often at capacity during peak commuter times. So long as there is sufficient space available, you may travel with aids such as tricycles, recumbent tricycles, seated ortho scooter walking aids (> 1200mm) or non-separable wheelchair bicycles (hand bikes), if a ‘G’ or ‘aG’ is marked on your disabled person’s pass.

ATTENTION: any alterations to your disabled person’s pass and to the stamp make this form of ID invalid as a ticket for travel.

Our tip
Our passenger attendants are happy to assist you when boarding and exiting the train. To use this service, simply press the corresponding wheelchair button next to the door.

And better yet, the earlier we know that you’d like to travel with us, the more assistance we can offer you. Simply get in touch with us online (Form can be found at the bottom of this page) or by telephone before you travel. Then the passenger attendant will be ready and waiting for you at the door of your metronom. From Monday to Friday between 7:30am and 6:30pm we are happy to receive your call on +49 (0)581 97 164-165. If you are planning to make a journey over the weekend, please let us know before 5pm on Friday.


Children under the age of 5 travel with the metronom free of charge. Children aged between 6 and 14 pay half of the normal price when travelling alone. When accompanied by mum or dad, grandma or grandpa, or another guardian, they can travel on the metronom for free. However this only applies if the adults have purchased tickets at the normal price and the number of children is marked on the ticket before the start of the journey.

Attention: this family rule can differ if combined with special offers. In this case, the respective conditions of the special offer apply.


If there is a contractual agreement between the General Student’s Committee (AStA) of your higher education institution and the metronom, then your student ID is valid for travel on the metronom. During term time for the respective semester you may travel in standard class on all metronom connections within the specified valid area. Semester tickets issued by the HVV, GVH and VBN transport associations are also valid on the metronom, but only on the routes indicated.

Please note that the semester ticket is personal and non-transferrable. Any alterations to the semester ticket make it invalid for use as a ticket for travel.

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