Passenger rights

Sadly not everything runs smoothly all the time. If a train arrives much too late or a connection is cancelled completely, it can be very annoying for all involved. Since 2009, standard passenger’s rights have been applicable across Germany’s rail transport network. According to the Regulation (EC) Nr. 1371/2007, under certain conditions you have the right to a travel alternative, a refund or compensation.

Important information on compensation claims for train delays, missed connections or cancelled trains can be found in the metronom fare conditions.

To assert a claim, please use the passenger rights form. We can then process your request quickly and easily.

SNUB - Die Nahverkehr-Schlichtungsstelle e.V. (Local public transport mediation body)

If we are not able to reach an agreement, you have the option of contacting a mediation body. We are members of SNUB - Die Nahverkehr-Schlichtungsstelle e.V., and under certain conditions you can involve them to resolve our conflict.

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