What will be, will be – construction sites

If Deutsche Bahn are carrying out construction works, the metronom service is also restricted. Like all railway companies, we use the Deutsche Bahn rail network. However, parts of this network are outdated and must be repaired in order to ensure a comfortable and safe service. A lot of the work is done overnight, but sadly not all of it. In this case we, too, have to take things a little more slowly, so that after the completion of the construction works we can continue full speed ahead on the modernised lines. For the most part, we know in advance what is being planned and how long the respective building work will take. But sometimes a construction site can hold a few surprises. If things take a little longer, we all need to be flexible.

Always in the know

You can get all the information on current works on the lines via our newsletter, announcements on the trains, on the platforms, on Facebook or Twitter, in the FahrPlaner App or via our works report. And of course we are also available to talk to you personally if you have any questions. Simply speak to our passenger attendants or enquire at our customer centre.

We inform you before the building works start so that you aren’t taken by surprise by new construction works and you can plan in the long term. The latest information about future construction sites on the metronom routes can be found on the following overview:

RE4 + RB41 Bremen-Rotenburg-Hamburg
For this route, no site messages are available.
RE3 + RB31 Hamburg-Lüneburg-Uelzen
For this route, no site messages are available.
RE2 Uelzen-Celle-Hannover
For this route, no site messages are available.
RE2 Hannover-Northeim-Göttingen
For this route, no site messages are available.

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