Forgotten something? Lost and found

You’ve exited the train and realised that you’ve forgotten your bag or left your shopping lying in the carriage? An annoying realisation, but hope is not lost. You have several options in order to enquire about your lost items. In the lost and found office we are happy to assist you from Monday to Friday. You can reach us by telephone on +49 (0)581 97 164-165 or via email at You can of course also come and see us personally at the lost and found office in Uelzen, register your lost items online, or check whether your lost item has perhaps already resurfaced. 

What’s more, we are also happy to send any of your recovered items directly to your house, against payment of the postage costs.

Online lost property report

You can also submit an online loss report here. At our online lost property office, you can research if your lost property has reappeared.

We will also send you your lost property directly to your home upon receipt of the postage costs.

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