You can rely on us

We give you our word that all staff on the metronom give their all every day so that you can reach your destination safely, comfortably and on time.

What’s more, we serve almost all routes hourly*, day and night*, throughout the whole year.

You can count on:

  • friendly and helpful passenger attendants on every train

  • modern, clean trains

  • all trains are comfortably air-conditioned and extra quiet

  • comfortable seats with lots of legroom

  • spacious bicycle and wheelchair carriages

  • clean and comfortable toilets

  • comprehensive service from our customer centre

  • validity of all tickets issued by the transport associations (HVV, VBN, VSN, GVH)

  • comprehensive information during your journey e.g. about stops, connecting trains and exit sides

If we are running late

However, even we occasionally experience a few minutes delay. In most cases, we can quickly make up this time. But if that isn’t possible, we will inform you promptly and comprehensively and we will be happy to take charge of your connecting trains. Please simply speak to the passenger attendants on the train. They know the score and can tell you what do to next.

Besides, the most frequent reasons for delays are beyond our control – construction works on the platforms, waiting for other trains, being overtaken by long-distance trains or blocked routes impede us as much as they do you. Despite this, we always endeavour to meet or exceed your expectations.

We are the difference

Travelling with the metronom is about more than just getting safely from A to B. We want you to feel welcome and at home! For this reason we start every day with new energy and a real passion for our work. And on top of that, we know Northern Germany very well and are connected to its regions. We enjoy a close relationship with the people on location and we are engaging in numerous social and local projects across our entire network, due our belief in these initiatives.

Passenger attendants

Our metronom passenger attendants are there to help you. Bringing sincere friendship and a willingness to help to wherever you need it most. A potential missed connection, a heavy bag or a crying child: nothing is a problem for us. We are happy to offer further assistance at any time.


But sometimes things happen despite our best efforts: a delay that’s getting longer, a technical fault or necessary alterations to the rail traffic impede our services. So that you can keep your travel plans despite these disruptions, we let you know about all alterations promptly and comprehensively – on the train, on Twitter, on Facebook, on our website and via the hotline. Up to date, honest and transparent.

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Alcohol? No, thanks


Drinking alcohol on the train isn’t cool. As a lot of passengers share our opinion, metronom has been an alcohol-free service for many years. This means no drinking alcohol or making it available on the train or during the train ride. We ask you to comply out of consideration for the other guests and us, your hosts. So leave the alcohol at home and instead save the celebrations for before or after your journey with us.

Drinking on the train is expensive: our staff are instructed to prevent the consumption of alcohol on the train. If you are caught, you will be charged €40 and your personal information will be recorded. We don’t think it’s worth it. Get on board and keep your journey alcohol-free. Thank you!

Why is this the case on the metronom?

Alcohol on board very often leads to a great deal of rubbish, dirt and noise. That annoys not only ourselves, but other guests, too. Often, they even feel threatened or uneasy. We would like everyone to enjoy travelling with metronom. Therefore, we asked our passengers. There was a clear result: more than 85% advocate for a strict ban on consuming alcohol on the train.

Safety first

On every metronom train you are accompanied by at least two passenger attendants. They also feel responsible for your safety. An additional security staff member also accompanies you on the way to big events, football matches or festive occasions.

The security team are supported by our own Situation Centre. All passenger attendants, train drivers and security staff are always in contact with the Situation Centre and can react before something happens.

Don’t take any chances

Do you feel unsafe or uneasy? Don’t take any chances – contact our staff. If that isn’t possible due to the nature of the current situation, call for help on your phone or purposefully ask other passengers in order to receive assistance. The more unity you show, the more difficult it becomes for the person making the threat.

What’s more, in many seats you will find the emergency police number on the window next to you. In the event of an emergency, please contact the police. Tell them your direction of travel and the next train station, and briefly describe what has happened.

Attention: misusing this number is a criminal offence

Bicycles and wheelchairs

Cyclists and wheelchair users are very welcome to travel with us! Every train has a convenient wheelchair ramp in the driving carriage. Our passenger attendants are happy to assist you when boarding and exiting the train! Simply press the wheelchair button next to the door to let our passenger attendants know that you need help to board.

For bicycles, we have spacious extra carriages with room for over 40 bicycles. After all, there’s a lot to discover in Northern Germany.

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