Our customer service commitment

Our staff give the best to get you safely, on-time and comfortably to your destination.

You can count on:

  • Friendly and helpful passenger attendants on every train
  • Modern and clean trains
  • Extra quiet and air-conditioned
  • Comfortable seats with greater legroom
  • Carriages for wheelchairs and bicycles
  • Clean and comfortable toilets
  • Comprehensive information by our customer center
  • Comprehensive information during the ride about the stations, connecting trains and platform-side indications
  • All tickets from the transport networks VBN, HVV, GVH, VSN and VRB are valid
  • Hourly connections through day and night on weekends


Sometimes unavoidable. The most frequent reasons for delays are construction works on the tracks, waiting for connection passengers, being overtaken by long-distance trains and blocked tracks due to outer influences.

Nevertheless, we try our best to meet your expectations. Our passenger attendants will be happy to help you, if you have any questions.

We are the difference

Travelling with the metronom is about more than just getting safely from A to B. We want you to feel welcome and at home! For this reason we start every day with new energy and a real passion for our work. And on top of that, we know Northern Germany very well and are connected to its regions. We enjoy a close relationship with the people on location and we are engaging in numerous social and local projects across our entire network, due our belief in these initiatives.

Passenger attendants

Our passenger attendants are always there for you. No matter what, they'll help you with a missed connection train, with your luggage or soothe your child. And of course, they're happy to offer further assistance at any time.


No matter what you'd like to know, we will inform you about everything what happens. Planned or even unplanned.

There may be planned closures or service changes or even unforeseen disruptions e.g. a technical fault.

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Prohibition of alcohol

We already launched an alcohol-free service many years ago. This means that drinking alcohol is prohibited in our trains.

Drinking alcohol in one of our trains is expensive. If our passenger attendants will catch you while drinking alcohol you will be charged with a penalty fee of 40,00 Euro and your personal details will be recorded.

The reason for launching the prohibition was a survey we had made with our customers. More than 85% advocate for a strict ban on consuming alcohol inside our trains.

We also wanted to avoid a lot of rubbish, dirt and noise, because these things annoy not only us. The passengers felt threatened or uncomfortable.

Get on-board and keep your journey alcohol-free. Thank you!

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Safety first

On every metronom train you are accompanied by at least two passenger attendants. They also feel responsible for your safety. An additional security staff member also accompanies you on the way to big events, football matches or festive occasions.

The security team are supported by our own Contact Point. All passenger attendants, train drivers and security staff are always in contact with the Situation Centre and can react before something happens.


If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, or if you have been a victim of a crime, or experienced antisocial behavior, you should report it. Please contact our staff or call the police. You can find the emergency police number at almost every seat on the window pane next to you.

Attention: Misusing the number is a criminal offence.

Wheelchairs and bicycles

Wheelchair users and cyclists are very welcome to travel with us.

All our metronom trains are equipped with boarding ramps. These are available in every control car at the end or beginning of the train (it depends on in which direction the train is going).

Our passenger attendants are happy to assist you when boarding and exiting the train! Simply press the wheelchair button outside next to the entrance door to let our passenger attendants know that you need help to board.

For cyclists we have equipped the metronom with an extra bicycle-specific carriage with space for more than 40 bicycles. Please board the train with your bike only in this carriage, remove your bags and secure your bike. A bike symbol is attached to the carriage from the outside to make it easier to find.

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